A downloadable bomb game for Windows

After a nuclear bomb went off on an island that is not on any map, the island is considered permanently dead, to try to revive the island, someone is willing to goto the surface and find life before another bomb explodes.

This game is on hold for these reasons:

  • The game engine, UE4, is too complicated for me to use, until I know more, no development will be in progress.
  • I am very inexperienced in modeling maps, so even if I knew what everything did in UE4, I can't model maps yet, I tried importing Japan, but it's too huge.
  • I do not have a PC yet that can run UE4 smoothly.

Note:The game is in a compressed *.ZIP file, openable in Windows, or 7zip(download the latest here: http://www.7-zip.org/download.html ).

Donate to my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4268439

Install instructions

If on a WEB BROWSER, download and extract the ZIP file

If in the itch.io app, don't even worry, just simply click launch


bombedtechdemo.zip 34 MB

Development log


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Plus, this build is so early, it is just the FPS template from UE4.. *embarrased face*

I forgot to mention,  but I am too lazy to edit the page, this game is in a VERY EARLY stage of development, probably   v0.001 build date 9.1.17